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so shy this spirit

delicate and pure

a baby soul

awaiting birth upon this plane

living in my mind

a faint whisper

of curious intuition


shot a man

shot a man,

watched him die,

his spirit married my cause,

and i couldn’t remember

which war i was fighting –

he had no uniform,

wore no shoes.

lost children built sandcastles

in his blood.


i miss your hunger.

a hunger like freedom

to eat your fantasy;

sustaining yourself with a mouthful of whims,

always wondering why the world

will not partake of this meal,

as you try to choke  it down stubborn throats

force feeding the multitude

a feast of your wildest dreams,

but now you are fat

and never come out to play.

you stay inside your house of fat contentment, pacified.

i miss your hungry spirit.

of her

where art thou lord
in the darkness
of pain surround –
her spirit now free
flows from my vein,
released depth of heart,
i am drained.
love’s essence my tears contain.
send your angels,
gather these diamonds of sacred rain –
they are pure
they are all that remains
of her.



you taught me to kiss

your spirit lives within my kiss

and your vision comes upon me

every time i kiss

so, am i kissing you or her

is she kissing me or you