Monthly Archives: March 2012

red flower


dear mortal

the embrace of love
is impossible to release
for love knows no temporal thing,
it is merely borrowed
by delicate hearts
upon a fragile plane.
our body yearns for pleasure
yet our refrain is that of pain
and the colors of bliss fade
to black and white
in human time,
as the flesh we wear,
this veil of silk and shroud
clouds our vision;
the never ending flame –
love eternal


all is quiet
sometimes too quiet
the walls talk
i try not to talk back
i would rather listen
i hear a deep silence
it makes me cry
i don’t know why
my tears are a deluge
of ancient ghosts
sitting shivah over dying intuitions
longing for rebirth
they enter the wall
through a mirror
and wait for the silence
only they can fill


indulging the mischief
of a hoary ghost
pretending to be déjà vu


i hate the empty fight

with the crickets

and the wind

i lose every time you are away

a lonely night is no place for me


i miss your hunger.

a hunger like freedom

to eat your fantasy;

sustaining yourself with a mouthful of whims,

always wondering why the world

will not partake of this meal,

as you try to choke  it down stubborn throats

force feeding the multitude

a feast of your wildest dreams,

but now you are fat

and never come out to play.

you stay inside your house of fat contentment, pacified.

i miss your hungry spirit.