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the blues

the crickets and the wind

orchestrate the mood

playing the blues

of an endless night


like a mood (lyrics)

i wear you like a mood,

you smile for me

when twinkling eyes grow dark.

you are my tear

fallen, burning,

stinging the earth

pure as baby’s truth.

you are gone now

and our stormy bed remains –

your hair upon my pillow

left mingling with mine,

braided by our love,

as it was –

when we lay as one

held by the truth in love,

naked and wet

on flowers of fire,

burning our innocence

into the flesh we wear.

i wear you

like a mood.


i was sucked into the bowels

of this neurotic poem

too deep to get out

it covers me like a straitjacket

there is no release

i’ll be smothered all day

i wonder what mood i shall portray

if only i could take a bath

and wash it all away

M. McGuirt