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shattered trust
requires trust
to heal trust


red blanket

thank you for the red blanket

you gave me

on that day of Thanksgiving

for warmth

against the cold dark forces

embracing me

seducing me

freezing my blood

with the glacier

and endless crevasse

of unholy fear

it was the only warmth

i received

as you told me to get out


look at me
embrace me
touch me
stop thinking
stop lying
drop the veil
cleanse me
with your kiss
heal me
as i
heal you


there is a contagion

of yawning people

trying to infect me

laundromat guy 

had a washer

and dryer,

sold them

(with the house)

for true love

but love

lost it’s truth

and now

i’m known

as the

laundromat guy


i went to far

i am dead

she has buried

all intrigue

my death

thank you for my death

if i must go

let it be by your hand

and as our eyes touch

to search for truth

i will enter oblivion, elegantly

in a river of blood