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a distant thought

of you

peeked through

the haze of ether,

us, years ago

or a lifetime, maybe two,

they all run together



floating in darkness

praying for a wave

to reflect


be reflected

fighting the tug

of gravity


we tango
in rhythm
and exotic arousal
entwined, flowing
as calligraphy

dreamer ghost

Cried for 10 years,
prayed for 10 years,
exhausting mortal allotment of tears.
Reverently letting go,
ephemeral hand of lost searching
this lifetime
destined to be a holy man.
Lotus and sterile
upon quivering cliffs,
scolded by the laughter
of river om,
peeling a snakeskin of smudge,
fingerprints of impostors
and false lovers
revealing nothing, save the storm.
Gales of scarlet turbulence,
stupid will, drowning
in torrential zen,
and deep within dark sheets
just beyond mortal infection,
yet close like lingering perfume,
modulating, noise and note,
virgin silhouette of inspiration –
the dreamer ghost

the spider’s dream

the spider’s dream…

website launch…Michael McGuirt Music

Michael McGuirt Music up and running  ~

studio x

studio x

half heart

ancient bones from the grave … a historic tale of mortality


deathless sleep of angel’s womb,

i fly as fetus

searching every drifting dream

for a pulse unborn –

the cry of the half heart.


heaven’s tears caress,

a shower of diamond light,

burning away ugliness, melting years,

bathing every lie.

i peal jacquards

of colour and time

to enter the vault –

truth to unlock all locks,

and open the gate

where we began – before,


before i was torn –

ripped suffering suckle,

immortal fruit’s desire – taken,


to walk as they walk,

smearing history

with animal’s blood

upon canvas and mind –

line upon line;

killing for poetry,

praying for art,

sacrificing the purest of the pure –

more than i knew,

more than i cried for



dying, because

they said so.

they said i must.

they, how be it,

said too much –

but reaching, always

for the fading hand,

i descend…

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