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i deserve more
than i deserve

i pray to the atheist
for more than i deserve

that which i deserve
will never touch my soul

true love
is never deserved

she comes freely, blindly
with open arms

adorned in promises
always naked


blood words

through this jagged
unnatural wound
I find blood words

to paint
the sound
of pain

violent flame

violet flame
embraced in fire
she strikes and devours
darkness and fear
undulating the horizon
drifting unknown seas


a distant thought

of you

peeked through

the haze of ether,

us, years ago

or a lifetime, maybe two,

they all run together


floating in darkness

praying for a wave

to reflect


be reflected

fighting the tug

of gravity


we tango
in rhythm
and exotic arousal
entwined, flowing
as calligraphy

dreamer ghost

Cried for 10 years,
prayed for 10 years,
exhausting mortal allotment of tears.
Reverently letting go,
ephemeral hand of lost searching
this lifetime
destined to be a holy man.
Lotus and sterile
upon quivering cliffs,
scolded by the laughter
of river om,
peeling a snakeskin of smudge,
fingerprints of impostors
and false lovers
revealing nothing, save the storm.
Gales of scarlet turbulence,
stupid will, drowning
in torrential zen,
and deep within dark sheets
just beyond mortal infection,
yet close like lingering perfume,
modulating, noise and note,
virgin silhouette of inspiration –
the dreamer ghost