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sidewalk sisters in the hood

sidewalk sisters in the hood


another little man (lyrics)

not destined for
greatness here
no not destined for
greatness here
in your world
world of yours

just another little man
doing just another little job
exist day by day
well evolved above the slob

just enough sex
to call it love
just enough love
to call it life
it’s just life
don’t need no strife

no mojo device
it’s all in my head
silence is the stage
upon which i’m fed
yes i’m fed
so feed me now

nourish me
from above
nourish me
from above i pray
nourish me
i’m down on my knees
nourish me

i am (lyrics)

Where am i going?
Am i growing up, to you,
or just wild in the night?
Is my vision true,
to be with you, my love,
i’m running in the dark
will i hit the wall?

Where are you now,
and your higher power,
when flesh is weak,
yet so very strong?
Who will win the war,
this tug of war?
Your hand is strong –
it can pull me up,
but so hard to touch.

Did you send your love?
Did she fall from above?
Is she there, for me –
Are you in her eyes?
Can she save my soul,
before i let go,
of your hand
to drown, within myself?

Where are the angels?
Where is your burning bush?

I am that I am,
that’s what you said,
but who am i?

Stay with me.
All is dark


Make a choice

other than the obvious –

you might be hypnotized…


serenade me (lyrics)

to which the cold wind blows
through my open door
my love lies
trampled here
my love to give trampled here
upon this dirty floor

serenade me
upon the night’s cold dark sweat

her innocence came to me
white gown immortality
swollen red in her sea
of passion and youth
your love from another sea
a language of calligraphy
my mind you taught to see
great walls of wisdom and truth

serenade me
upon the night’s cold dark sweat

two hearts my tears contain
unwillingly i am drained
you are torn from my soul
she is sifted through my flesh
i have destroyed everything
i have betrayed everyone
the passion and the youth
the wisdom and the truth

serenade me
upon the night’s cold dark sweat

red alley

ruelle rouge