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run 2 you

run into ether,
unfettered contour of mind –
love’s etheral axis sphere,
our sanctuary – warm fertile embrace,
quivering flame the pulse of heart
where thought beams the radiance of light
melting dark worlds that fade
to pitch and ghost of time

run through datura and shadow of lilth,
and vapor faces that impersonate to haunt
run blindly if must be your trust
with open arms,
for with open arms, i cry diamonds –
sacred tears of angel light

adorn the clinging silks of desire
gentle moonbath of honey glaze
reach my love, reach
i beg this mortal’s hand to touch
taste this kiss, deeply, truely
realize the presence of healing grace –
love’s nude perfection sings

open your eyes,
your vision portrays you adorned and bare
open your eyes,
a crown of violets as halo upon hair
open your eyes,
to the birth of your immaculate reflection
open your eyes,
behold the ether bride



my eyes search

for honesty

as i undress your

lanky girlish quiver

sprawled upon a perfect canvas

revealing the contour of thin porcelain lies

that you allow to crumble

into shell and shard.

you rest unearthed

no longer afraid of yourself,

who you might become in my eyes –

and deeply through locked pearls

we search the diamond

not to change

never to destroy

but to paint


as you are.