Monthly Archives: January 2018

flutter of flame

flew to you
as a moth
through a tear

in the tapestry
of intuition

you painted my wings
as you would have them

colors beyond colors
you imagined
for me, and

no one else
no one else

but your storms, they came
as fire and rain

made me plain
made me plain


i lost you, forever
in the flutter
of flame



i feel your breath

in dreams,


with ochre tears


as moonbeams

nourish me

nourish me

i won’t

i cannot write

until you

nourish me

i am weak

and depleted

i have no vision

i have no tears

i feel nothing

please let me lick

your diamonds

nourish me


i tried to leave you

i tried to kill you

in my mind

in my mind

but, i was leaving myself

i was killing myself

in my mind

in my mind

we are one

only you

you feed me too much

and i drink only you

only you

and the visions

and the dreams

and the words

are a fountain

never ending

your words

your words are delicacies
aphrodisiacs filled with
cream de hallucination

dazed and mused;
yes, so what
what’s that got to do
thousands of miles
and a woman of vows

absolutely nothing

in the end
just more words
to rage the fire