Monthly Archives: February 2012


The moment is your universe
No future to dissect
No past to analyze
No overload to organize
No regrets
Just sleep innocent one
Dream symbols deep of desire



the ocean ignores me now
as though we were never lovers
she no longer calls me deep
or hungers for my soul
what have i done
to lose her beckon


emotion humbled the atmosphere
an incompatible perfume
for each reckoning man
bathing every sculpted face
with deep lines, and
charted interpretation of loss

dark red

slept a tired sleep
dreamt dark red
the colour of
awoke surrounded –
the womb of pitch
embraced layers of razor silks
needing nothing but more sleep
i cut myself
to stop the pain

darkness and light

if she is darkness,
i fear to be light…
for she would vanish into nothingness –
we could never mingle or touch
except to eliminate…

of her

where art thou lord
in the darkness
of pain surround –
her spirit now free
flows from my vein,
released depth of heart,
i am drained.
love’s essence my tears contain.
send your angels,
gather these diamonds of sacred rain –
they are pure
they are all that remains
of her.

her place

Deep within the moment’s hand
She lay back
To endure
The pain
And displeasure
Of her place in time