love a girl

love a girl

who is always on her phone,

even during a romantic dinner;

relieves the stress

of all the poems i couldn’t write

and cuts down on small talk

If you love me
Tell me clearly
With words
Or symbols
Or calligraphy
I’m tired of playing
The soothsayer

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don’t want to read your poetry
it ties me up in knots
and makes love to me

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my lover
is a ghost
distant yet close;
always beyond
the vagueness
of my fingertip



this drug of solitude,
deeper and deeper
floating, sinking
in my head
in my head
through the silent film
of what used to be time

in the music

get lost in the music
nothing else matters
all love is found
all love is sound
in the music
express love
express yourself
in the music


you left me

with the clowns, to die

a bizarre circus death


i camp and dine

with scorpions, astray

in your wilderness

searching the path,

kissing the pain

of that love song you wrote

by my hand


we have an understanding

(you and i)

that i don’t understand


there is always
a poem hiding,
yearning in secret
to be captured