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i was sucked into the bowels

of this neurotic poem

too deep to get out

it covers me like a straitjacket

there is no release

i’ll be smothered all day

i wonder what mood i shall portray

if only i could take a bath

and wash it all away

M. McGuirt



The revelation fades
My glimmer of intuition
A speck of light
With just a glance
upon the edge – so sharp
between the flicker glow

Caught within the pitch
where darkness grows
Walls of polished silence –
like a mirror
enhance decibels of self

Alone but not
too quiet for words
For whisper thoughts
sound the avalanche and echo

The moments hand
is all around
And the leash of control
is not a toy

The animal –
hidden by device
and cosmetic layers deep
Counts every breath
Feels every breath
Waits patiently
for your mistake


i’m tired of fighting
i never wanted to be a soldier of truth
i only wanted to love,
but loving was the war
and my wounds are deep


the ocean ignores me now
as though we were never lovers
she no longer calls me deep
or hungers for my soul
what have i done
to lose her beckon


emotion humbled the atmosphere
an incompatible perfume
for each reckoning man
bathing every sculpted face
with deep lines, and
charted interpretation of loss

her place

Deep within the moment’s hand
She lay back
To endure
The pain
And displeasure
Of her place in time