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whence cometh this pain
swelling into the stillness
of surging emotion;
a heavy silence
that lingers forever



thank you for the pain
for pain is all
i feel these days
and you
my love
(like nothing and no one)
make me feel
the magnitude
of what i feel,

her pain 2

let me eat her pain

my faith to hold her flame

mangled silhouette against the rain

love knows no fear

nor torment of disdain

let me eat her pain

blood words

through this jagged
unnatural wound
I find blood words

to paint
the sound
of pain

dear mortal

the embrace of love
is impossible to release
for love knows no temporal thing,
it is merely borrowed
by delicate hearts
upon a fragile plane.
our body yearns for pleasure
yet our refrain is that of pain
and the colors of bliss fade
to black and white
in human time,
as the flesh we wear,
this veil of silk and shroud
clouds our vision;
the never ending flame –
love eternal

dark red

slept a tired sleep
dreamt dark red
the colour of
awoke surrounded –
the womb of pitch
embraced layers of razor silks
needing nothing but more sleep
i cut myself
to stop the pain

her place

Deep within the moment’s hand
She lay back
To endure
The pain
And displeasure
Of her place in time