nourish me

nourish me

i won’t

i cannot write

until you

nourish me

i am weak

and depleted

i have no vision

i have no tears

i feel nothing

please let me lick

your diamonds

nourish me



i tried to leave you

i tried to kill you

in my mind

in my mind

but, i was leaving myself

i was killing myself

in my mind

in my mind

we are one

only you

you feed me too much

and i drink only you

only you

and the visions

and the dreams

and the words

are a fountain

never ending

your words

your words are delicacies
aphrodisiacs filled with
cream de hallucination

dazed and mused;
yes, so what
what’s that got to do
thousands of miles
and a woman of vows

absolutely nothing

in the end
just more words
to rage the fire

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seared heart

ripped apart

by the hand

of lesser gods

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thank you for the pain
for pain is all
i feel these days
and you
my love
(like nothing and no one)
make me feel
the magnitude
of what i feel,