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The revelation fades
My glimmer of intuition
A speck of light
With just a glance
upon the edge – so sharp
between the flicker glow

Caught within the pitch
where darkness grows
Walls of polished silence –
like a mirror
enhance decibels of self

Alone but not
too quiet for words
For whisper thoughts
sound the avalanche and echo

The moments hand
is all around
And the leash of control
is not a toy

The animal –
hidden by device
and cosmetic layers deep
Counts every breath
Feels every breath
Waits patiently
for your mistake



all is quiet
sometimes too quiet
the walls talk
i try not to talk back
i would rather listen
i hear a deep silence
it makes me cry
i don’t know why
my tears are a deluge
of ancient ghosts
sitting shivah over dying intuitions
longing for rebirth
they enter the wall
through a mirror
and wait for the silence
only they can fill