you taught me to kiss

your spirit lives within my kiss

and your vision comes upon me

every time i kiss

so, am i kissing you or her

is she kissing me or you



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2 responses to “since

  • Therese

    Love the concept of this one 😀 is it like a memory of a lover she can’t let go?? ^_^

    • michael mcguirt

      we kiss many people
      never realizing – we don’t know how to kiss,
      and one night the teacher comes into our life
      teaching us how to kiss truly, deeply
      and how to love upon flowers of fire…
      however, circumstances tear you from the sweet suckle
      of perfect love…
      therefore, since the teacher taught us the real kiss,
      her spirit lives as this kiss
      so, everyone is in essence
      kissing the teacher.

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