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your mind

i tried to touch your mind,
whispering intuitions
as i unwrapped them,
chanting visions
of perfect children
with your face and mine.
i painted you
upon every thought,
and every wall,
but human distance is hell.
it’s wearing me thin,
and your moths are forgetting the poems,
distracted by tambourines
and the flamenco at night.
i stoke the bonfire every day.
it has consumed everything,
more than i own.
can you feel the warmth?
can you see the glow?
but now, love, my body cries
to be fed,
to be released,
to transcend, and
my angels have flown
to higher ground;
said i was a ghost
wandering in violets
searching for your body –
following the butterfly
of inspiration.



the wasp wears your mask,
your face –
beautiful danger he imitates,
obedient traveler across deliberate seas
nourished by a psychic moon –
darling, your messenger – sibylline,
has arrived:
He wants my trust,
He enters my eye,
He drinks my tear,
He carries me into your mind.
i see great walls,
and things forbidden,
i feel your presence.
i ask him to find your body,
he can only reveal your truth,
locked within his fatal touch.
the sting is your sting,
the pain is your pain
the agony of our love –
i will bury him
in the garden
with the others,
and wait, patiently
for another
for another,
for another.