i am (lyrics)

Where am i going?
Am i growing up, to you,
or just wild in the night?
Is my vision true,
to be with you, my love,
i’m running in the dark
will i hit the wall?

Where are you now,
and your higher power,
when flesh is weak,
yet so very strong?
Who will win the war,
this tug of war?
Your hand is strong –
it can pull me up,
but so hard to touch.

Did you send your love?
Did she fall from above?
Is she there, for me –
Are you in her eyes?
Can she save my soul,
before i let go,
of your hand
to drown, within myself?

Where are the angels?
Where is your burning bush?

I am that I am,
that’s what you said,
but who am i?

Stay with me.
All is dark


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