bomber girl

faceless shadow

shroud of virginity,

only you know who you are

and your hidden dream –

secret cartwheel

upside down,

skin making love to the wind.

demure bride of war

kissing the rug of prayer, wallowing

in the ghost of charlemagne

exalted in your father’s army.

adorned corset of nails –

your heart beats

your body ticks

your purpose bleeds


the tourniquet of day.

did you hear the dulcimer,

is he ready to receive,

will he receive

those you sacrifice?


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3 responses to “bomber girl

  • reading-stars

    So interesting – how you turn your phrasing to answer itself. “Your purpose bleeds through the tourniquet of day …” I love the drama to this- you can really get inside the poetry. Very enthused. 🙂

  • reading-stars

    I think it’s a matter of how people’s minds work and how much they will allow themselves to escape reality for a time. I read lots and find it helps to accept someone’s work for the literature that it is and not allow judgement to blur my vision. We don’t have to agree with a piece of art for it to remain a piece of art. ❤

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